​​​​​Parent & Child:

Unlimited Classes:

​New Years Special
$150.00 per month

​(Includes Muay Thai Kickboxing)

This is a great way to train with your son or daughter. Create memories.

​(Limited Time Only)

Family Plan:

Unlimited Classes

(Immediate Family Only)

New Years Special

$250.00 per month

​(Includes Muay Thai Kickboxing)

​Got more then 3 in the family that want to train. This is perfect!

​(Limited Time Only)

You Should be Training Here!

​​​​​​​Kids & Adults:

Individual Unlimited Classes:

​New Years Special
$85.00 per month

​(Includes Muay Thai Kickboxing)

​(Limited Time Only)

​​Pre-Paid Special: (Limited Time to June Only)

1. Pre-Paid Year Membership: Unlimited training for one year $1,200.00 (it's a +-20% discount from the normal rate). This membership applies for one person. Normal rate is $125.00 per month. That's like four months free.

2. Life Time Membership: Your Entire immediate family $4.000.00 (equal to 2.5 years of training for 3 people).​ Unlimited Training for your entire immediate family. This is the best way to go. For the life of the gym you will only pay once to train Gracie Jiu-Jitsu everyday. This is $1,000.00 off our normal rate. It's the best way to sign up.

Private Lesson:

Check out our Private Lesson section:

Private / Semi Private class: Max 2 students per class.

     1 HR= $50.00 per person: 1 private per week required!

You will receive a 1/2 off our Unlimited monthly membership to our scheduled group and Muay Thai classes.

* 50 lesson + Group Mat time, is the express path to faster learning.

You Should Be Here Special:

Unlimited to all BJJ Classes​:

     If your wanting to take advantate of our "You Should Be Here! Travel Club ask us how you can do this with your membership.

BJJCFIT & Women's Self Defense and Muay Thai Kickboxing:

Adult and kids​ (11+)

​$50.00 Unlimited Classes​:​​

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