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     We achieve results that are measured by the success of our students, and the effectiveness of our Kids Program is reflected in the feedback we get from our students and parents.

     As founder, owner, and head instructor, I am committed to providing my students with real, life long skills that will help them make a positive change in their lives, today and tomorrow. Come in today and find out why there is much more to a martial arts school than just kicks and punches!

* One of the most common asked question is, how long will it take to get a black belt? Answer, it really depends on the individual. The great aspect of BJJ is, that anyone at any age can learn and achieve there personal goals with our program.

BJJ Academy Bully Proofing Program

     Every day in the United States, an estimated 150,000 kids miss school due to fear or intimidation of bullies. Worse, statistics suggest that less than 15% of kids actually report acts of bullying.

     Most martial arts programs rely on striking the attacker with violent punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. In the BJJ kids daily and Bullyproof program, we take a different approach. The techniques are defensive with teaching children how defuse confrontations  with there physical aggression. If attacked, we offer techniques to physically neutralize the threat and gain control until help arrives. In the 

     The BJJ Bullyproof program has three objectives:

1. Instill Confidence: Bullies are less likely to target self-confident children. We instill confidence by teaching techniques that will neutralize the attack of a larger opponent.

2. Increase Awareness: Harassment from bullies can be physical or verbal,  we focus on teaching your child to recognize and respond to the bully behaviors.

3. Ensure Readiness: We will teach your child to be ready if bullied or caught up in a potentially aggressive manner.

Our Program will Teach Your Child!


Anti Bully Training

Discipline & Respect

Physical Conditioning

Fare play

Character Building

Self Discipline

Goal Setting

Motivation Skills

Social Skills

Leadership Skills

Mental Conditioning

True Self Defense

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